Park Photography: Blog en-us (C) Park Photography (Park Photography) Mon, 16 Mar 2020 06:35:00 GMT Mon, 16 Mar 2020 06:35:00 GMT A Nightmare in Marlay Park! So today Sunday 27th of October 2013 was supposed to be the annual Halloween walk in the woods. See here for details on this event.


Needless to say it didn't happen because apparently its raining outside and extremely windy...... is it? I hadn't noticed, that is to say I hadn't noticed before I looked outside this morning and then proceeded to go outside. Wow it was windy! 

The first sign of trouble for us was the line of porta potties dropped right on our pitch stopping us from setting up our stall. Obviously we approached the park manager who was on site as usual to over see the market setup. We knew there would be no point in arguing to get our spot back as this would involve calling the company that placed the loo's and arguing with them to get their truck back to move them but we had to show some form of disapproval and then move on. 

After a quick look around we were given a new spot inside the courtyard in Marlay Park which was not where we wanted to be on this of all days, you see for this walk that was scheduled to happen they had given out over 20,000 free wrist bands to families and their children. Now the start of the walk would have been right beside our little studio which we had planed to completely transform into a Halloween spooky studio in an effort to keep in with the event and provide fun Halloween themed photos for the families. As a result of this move our plan was now in jeopardy.

You see, even though we were only moving around 40feet and into the courtyard with all the other stalls the courtyard seems to only work for those stalls that sell food. Once people enter the courtyard they seem to want to only eat and relax and we believe that there is also the "embarrassment factor", no one wants to be seen posing in front of a photographer in full or partial view of everyone enjoying their crepe or coffee etc!

So we don't like when we have to go into the courtyard, but nevertheless this is where we found ourselves. Now, to make things worse... we found ourselves in the south east corner of the yard and the wind this morning was also blowing it appeared in a southeasterly direction so as it hit the outside of the courtyard north west side it came over the roofs missed the vendors opposite us crashed into the wall behind us turned around and made a beeline straight for us with a vengeance effectively turning our popup tent into a raging Kite! We (quicker then you could say, a nightmare in Marlay Park) had to tie our tent to a nearby bench which thankfully was bolted firmly into the ground and also to a bin with the same sturdy locking system as the bench (metal into concrete). In addition to these to anchors we also had 4 15kg weights made up from 4 water containers that when filled with water weigh exactly that, 15kgs each. These too were tied to the our tent on the opposite sides to the bin and the bench. 

After securing the tent with a lot of difficulty we now had to face the futile task of attempting to put the sides of our tent on. Or as it was, to add sails to our kite. This was no fun! 

Imagine walking into a field wherein lies an angry angry bull, you tie him by his legs to the gate and a fence on one side and on the other his trough. Now imagine the farmer decides to stick his fist up the bulls ass and then asks you to place a lovely bonnet on the bulls head! I bet the bull wouldn't be best pleased, well this is not too dissimilar to the level of difficulty we experienced trying put the sides on our tent (except for the ass bit obviously). :-)

Well we eventually succeeded in a kind of sort of way, one burst zip and semi crushed finger and a toppled ceramic plant pot (a giant ceramin plant pot filled with soil and an evergreen) later we had the sides on but the tent was still flailing around like an angry bull with a farmers arm up its rear end. Our plan was to take fun Halloween themed photos of kids, we never intended to include a crazy levitating studio into the mix!  

After struggling for 30 mins and ending up with a damaged tent we finally approached the park manager again and had ourselves moved to a more tent friendly part of the market. We simply dropped the legs, removed the sides again and with the aid of the park manager carried it nervously through the courtyard. I had visions of myself being able to give aerial traffic reports of the Ballinteer area after being picked up by a gust and sent flying up over the park. It didn't happen, Phew!

So we moved, it was a good decision. Moments after we left our nightmare spot the heavens opened and had we of stayed the rain would have been the final straw. It came in at such an angle that we would have not stood a chance. Fortunately our new spot sheltered us from this sideways rain, we still had rain hitting the tent but we were fine. 

Finally after all of our struggles and having set ourselves up about 50% of the way we then get the news that the event, the one we planned for for weeks, the one we braved the elements for, the one that was going to make up for the slow month we'd been having, the Samhain 2013, had been called off for safety reasons. Insert expletives here if you feel the need! 

So that was that, we held on for another couple of hours in the vain hope that people would still come up even though the entrance to the park was being patrolled by wardens telling everyone coming into the park that the event had been cancelled. The day was a total waste of time. Well not completely, as usual just when you give up and start to pack up and are almost done, two customers arrive looking for photos........... Why? Someone was really making this day a Nightmare in Marlay Park for us today. oh and so you know we did accommodate the two customers as best we could. 


Business is business! 




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Welcome OK, as the title suggests this is a quick post to simply welcome anyone who has taken the time to read this. As this is our first blog post I'll keep it short and sweet.

Park Photography is our new little adventure and on this adventure our main goal is to build a successful business, a photography business. We both have experience and the training and Eamon brings the business smarts to this team which is good because when it comes to business I have about as much experience as dog on a pogo stick. That said I know what I want to achieve and it happens to be the same thing Eamon wants (this makes working togeter a lot easier :-]) and together we are working towards this with all the skills we possess and a passion for photography that is the main fuel in this engine.

Enough of that, Marlay Park is our base and is where we do most of our shoots (on less we're booked out on location) it is also where we get most of our business. Having a Saturday and Sunday market (The Coco Market) right beside us guarantees a great footfall each weekend and this is a great way for us to be seen.

So if you want to know more about us drop us a line or send us a message or even better drop by Marlay Park at the weekend and stop in for a chat.


Thats it for now, just a simple quick intro to us. Until the next time!



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